Sell my villa in Marbella with or without exclusivity

08 Nov 2016 | Buying and Selling FAQ

Making the decision to sell my villa in Marbella is a task that requires the help of specialists. And although each agency has its own way of working, it is worth highlighting two in particular, with or without exclusivity.


Sell my villa in Marbella with or without exclusivity

At this point, usually every owner who wants to sell his or her home is, at best, very cautious about signing an exclusivity contract with an agency and, on the other hand, doesn’t think it could be the easiest way to sell his or her property.

Working without exclusivity will not be an option to discard but will require a greater involvement of the owner as well as a minimum knowledge of the market as we will have to select several agencies. In this case we recommend no more than three quality agencies with which we must be concerned to maintain contact and communicate any changes in our strategy or decisions that may affect any factor relating to the sale.

Returning to exclusivity, it should be noted that the resources allocated by the agency to sell my villa in Marbella are greater, directly impacting on the interest of the owner in terms of increasing the chances of sale. This will be an important point since it is about selling luxury villas, which require a client of greater solvency and therefore more difficult to find.

It should also be noted that the existence of a single interlocutor facilitates greater control over the management of the sale.

Exclusivity involves establishing a period of time which is usually six months to a year. This point arouses skepticism to the owner, seeing it as a period in which he has “tied” his property, but if a reasonable duration is established, it is clearly favorable to maintain sufficient pressure and advisable calm towards the agency and its sales target.

At Benarroch Real Estate, through its specialised sales and tranquillity service, we offer you exclusive dedication, professionalism, direct attention and complete advice in the process of selling my villa in Marbella. We assure an integral management maintaining direct contact at all times to coordinate the most convenient actions.

Do not hesitate to contact us, visit our services section, you will win.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

08 Nov 2016
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