do you want to rent your property long-term?

Owners do you want to rent your Marbella property?

Peace of mind rentals is a service specialising in long term property rental in Marbella, created by Benarroch Real Estate and aimed at owners who want to achieve excellent rental returns while knowing that a professional team is looking after their tenants and collecting the rent on their behalf.

Benarroch Real Estate is the first property agency in Marbella to offer a specialised rental service with guaranteed payment. Say goodbye to debts building up due to unpaid electricity and water bills.

Owners will no longer have to worry about anything. We only charge you if you receive your rental payments.

Our rentals specialists will advise you on the best way to equip and present your property for successful rentals, as well as suggesting a rental rate based on up-to-date market values.

Management and custody of deposits
Benarroch Real Estate assumes responsibility for custody of the rental deposit provided by the tenant during the whole duration of the rental contract.

Our risk evaluation department will obtain all necessary guarantees from the tenant on behalf of the homeowner.

Bond management
We also ensure compliance with Andalusian Parliamentary Law 8/1997 by depositing the bond with the Junta de Andalucía.

Rental claim management
The tenant pays the monthly rent to Benarroch Real Estate and we transfer it to the owner, being the only property rental agency in Marbella that guarantees payment.

Mediation and legal expenses
Assuming hypothetically that the tenants were behind on payment and that our mediation was not sufficient, the legal process of eviction due to failure to pay would be initiated. In such a case, all the expenses of the eviction would be covered until the possession of the property was restored to the owner.

Supervision and state of accounts
There are two options available:
1- The utilities are placed in the name of the long term tenant and paid directly by them.
2- Benarroch Real Estate collects payment for utility bills (electricity, water, gas) and manages the process on behalf of the property owner

Supervision and state of accounts
You can count on full support for the entire duration of the rental contract.
The property owner can request at any time a detailed state of accounts for the expenses controlled by Benarroch Real Estate.

Do you want to rent your Mabella property?

Benarroch real estate team is at your disposal to help you rent your house, contact us.

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