do you want to rent your property long-term?

Owners do you want to rent your Marbella property?

Peace of mind rentals is a service specialised in the rental of properties for long and short stays, created by Benarroch Real Estate and aimed at owners, with the objective of offering them a secure rental in Marbella.

Management of long term rentals
With this service, Benarroch Real Estate is positioned as the first real estate agency in Marbella to offer this type of specialised service, which includes the direct management of monthly rent payments. Goodbye to the accumulation of debts due to uncollected electricity and water consumption.
The owner will no longer have to worry about anything. We will only charge you if you receive the payment of your rent.

Your property will be visited by one of our experts in order to get to know it personally.

Management and custody of deposits
Custody of the deposit for the entire duration of the lease, as well as management of the deposit in the event of non-payment or need of use.

Our risk department will be in charge of requesting the necessary guarantees from the tenant and agreed with the landlord.

Management of security deposits
Management of the deposit of the security deposit with the Junta de Andalucía so that the landlord complies with the Andalusian parliamentary law 8/1997.

Management of rent payments
The tenant pays the monthly rent to Benarroch Real Estate and later we transfer the amounts to the owner. In this way Benarroch Real Estate controls the payments and possible delays in the rent.

Mediation and legal expenses
In the hypothetical case that the tenants are late in the payments, and our mediation is not enough, the legal process of eviction for non-payment would be initiated. In this case, all the costs of eviction for non-payment of rent would be covered until the tenant recovers possession of the property, except for the communication of the start of the procedure.

Management of the payment of consumptions
There are two options:
1- We carry out the change of ownership of the contracts.
2- We collect and control the consumption costs (electricity, water, gas).

Supervision and state of accounts
Benarroch Real Estate will carry out an exhaustive supervision during all the duration of the lease contract.
The owner will be able to request at any time a detailed statement of accounts of the expenses controlled by Benarroch Real Estate.

Management of holiday rentals
We have a department specialised in holiday rentals exclusively for Benarroch Real Estate clients who wish to make their property profitable and at the same time enjoy it.

Do you want to rent your Mabella property?

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