Keys to sign a secure rental contract in Marbella

25 Oct 2018 | Company and Services, Renting FAQ

When an owner decides to rent his house for a long time, in Marbella or anywhere else in the Spanish territory, he is exposed to all kinds of risks and worries. Therefore, in Benarroch Real Estate, we want to offer these owners the possibility of renting their home with the security of knowing that they have the support of a team with years of experience and committed to the good work. In short, we offer owners a secure rental in Marbella through our Peace of Mind Rentals service.

Keys to sign a secure rental contract in Marbella

Peace of Mind Rentals provides owners with the peace of mind of being able to safely rent their home and not having to worry about anything.

Let’s take a rough look at what this comprehensive secure rental service consists of that will encourage you to decide to rent your property in Marbella.

Fine-tuning of property for rent in Marbella

For the fine-tuning of the property in Marbella the property will be checked and the owner will be recommended to make the necessary adjustments according to our experience in order to have fewer problems in the future. All repairs can be carried out by our team or by the owner’s team.

Insurance of the property for rent in Marbella

It is important that the house rented in Marbella has a complete insurance where it states that it is rented. Benarroch Real Estate will propose the owner several alternatives and is offered to make and coordinate the change in the event that the owner already has a previously contracted insurance.

Selection of the tenant to rent a house in Marbella

Although there is a great demand for rentals today it is not always easy to decide who to rent a property in Marbella.

In Benarroch Real Estate we demand minimum requirements that are of utmost importance when deciding who to rent your home in Marbella.

At all times the contact with the owner is maintained so the decision is made jointly.

The idea is to give the owner enough information to make them feel comfortable and agree to rent their Marbella property to a specific candidate.

Rental contract and inventory of a property in Marbella

Our company will propose a model rental contract as well as a photographic inventory that the owner must approve after review by his lawyer or trusted person.

Management of deposits and security deposit for safe rental in Marbella

Benarroch Real Estate will give the owner the deposit of the safe rental in Marbella to be deposited in the Junta de Andalucía as currently indicated by law, however, this procedure may be carried out by our company if the owner so wishes.

We will also take care of deposit management throughout the lease.

Monthly collection of rentals from the safe rental in Marbella

Benarroch will be responsible for collecting the monthly rent from the secure rental and then paying it back to the landlord.

Domiciliation of consumptions (water, electricity and gas)

Benarroch will domicile the consumption of electricity, water or gas in the name of the tenants and then put them back in the name of the owner.

Supervision during the entire rental period insurance

Claiming rents for late payments, complying with community standards and coordinating maintenance and repairs will be some of the supervision tasks that our team will have to carry out throughout the whole period of the safe rental in Marbella.

Resolution and termination of the lease in Marbella

One of the most complicated and conflictive points of all leasing in Marbella is precisely its end.

Here, and thanks to our experience, we provide an important added value that allows owners to recover their home in the best possible conditions.

Legal coverage of rental insurance in Marbella

Peace of mind rentals offers owners who rent their home in Marbella full legal cover in the event that the tenant stops paying rent.

With regard to the insurance of the rented property, Benarroch will guide the owner so that the coverages are the best possible, including a very important anti-vandalism insurance in the event of damage to the property.

Finally, all Benarroch tenants must take out liability insurance on their behalf.

Rent Mediation in Marbella

Rent Mediation in Marbella is a point that we really consider fundamental and very effective when it comes to resolving conflicts, and although we will speak more deeply in other articles it is worth noting that our team has so far managed to resolve most conflicts through mediation.

With all this we want to convey to the owner that we are ready to rent your home with guarantees. Safe rental in Marbella is possible and thanks to our experience we put it at your disposal. We will be delighted to invite you to a good coffee at our offices in El Pilar in the heart of Nueva Milla de Oro in Estepona.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

25 Oct 2018
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