I Own a Home in Marbella and I Want a Secure Rental for My Property

12 Apr 2018 | Company and Services

Do you own a flat or villa in Marbella? Do you live somewhere else, making it difficult for you to rent it out? Are you worried about hitting problems and not being able to resolve them? Do you want a secure rental for your house in Marbella? You’re not alone. Lots of property owners leave their houses closed up for these, and many other, reasons. In this article, I’ll give you a detailed analysis of what our rental service involves. I’m sure it can solve this problem for you. Let’s get started!

I Own a Home in Marbella and I Want a Secure Rental for My Property

Ensuring a secure rental is certainly no easy task. That’s why, at Benarroch Real Estate, we have a department dedicated to rentals in Marbella, so you can benefit from our 15 years’ experience. Over these years, we’ve encountered all types of complication and, in most cases, we’ve been able to overcome them.

The first thing I suggest you think about when you rent a property, whether in Marbella or anywhere else in Spain, is what type of rental you want: a holiday rental or a long-term rental. The two systems are completely different. In this article, I’m going to talk to you about long-term rentals.

In the Marbella property rental market, furnished homes pre-dominate. It’s much harder for tenants to find unfurnished properties.

That’s why, at Benarroch, we advise owners to wait until they choose the tenant before they make decisions about furniture, since needs will vary depending on the client. What’s more, a tenant who furnishes their house will normally stay longer than one who doesn’t.

Regardless of whether or not the property is furnished, it’s essential to offer it in good working order. This includes painting it, and checking all the electrical appliances, the electricity and plumbing, in addition to performing a deep clean of the house and its furniture.

A worrying aspect for owners can often be deciding between different tenants. Various factors come into play here, from the payment guarantees negotiated with the tenant, to their employment situation, solvency and even the possibility of offering a solvent guarantor.

Details regarding this issue are firmed up when we produce the lease agreement. This agreement will include clauses that cover the different issues our team has encountered during its years of experience.

One very important point to remember is that Benarroch Real Estate takes responsibility for recovering possession of the property should rent go unpaid. We offer this service under our Owner’s Warranty Programme (OWP).

The OWP is one of the best features of our service. If you choose to work with us, you’ll get a secure rental for your flat or villa in Marbella, and peace of mind. In fact, that’s what inspired the name of the service: Peace of Mind Rentals.

This is why I’m encouraging you to try delegating comprehensive management of your property rental in Marbella to Benarroch Real Estate. We’ll take care of everything: handover to the chosen tenant, monitoring, charging for services consumed, changing direct debits, charging monthly rent, monitoring payments, coordinating maintenance, ending the rental and settling up.

I’d like to underline the two last features (ending the rental and settling up), because owners often forget how important they are. Final settlement of the agreement involves withholding the tenant’s deposits when the contract comes to an end and it’s time to recover the house and return the money to them. By doing this, the owner avoids surprises that could end up costing them money.

Besides the advantage that the OWP includes recovering possession of your property if the rent goes unpaid, I should also highlight our ongoing mediation activities. Using this method, we’ve been able to resolve the vast majority of conflicts, without having to enforce the agreements.

I know that distance is difficult to manage when you’re a property owner. Visit our website to discover the types of properties we work with, and find out more about us. If you’ve read the article this far, please get in touch with us, so we can continue this conversation in person. We can probably help you. Thanks for reading!

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

12 Apr 2018
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