What taxes do you have to pay when you buy a property in Marbella?

04 Apr 2017 | Buying and Selling FAQ

Benarroch Real Estate, through our post-sales service, peace of mind management, can help you by explaining what taxes are applicable to foreign residents and non-residents when they buy or sell a property in Marbella. We’d also like to remind you that, through this service, we can help you pay these and other taxes.

What taxes do you have to pay when you buy or sell a property in Marbella if you’re not Spanish?

We will explain the four possible scenarios below:

Benarroch Inmobiliaria, with our Management and Peace of Mind Service, have wanted to offer you this approach of the situation to make it easier for you know where you stand and what taxes affects you in your purchase and sale operation. Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any further queries.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

04 Apr 2017
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