Impressive Moorish style villa in Guadalmina Baja, Marbella

20 Feb 2021 | Featured Properties

Guadalmina Baja, in San Pedro Alcantara, Marbella, is generally quiet and consists of detached villas on large plots where discretion and privacy reign. It is only on the beach side that this trend is broken and it is around the well-known Hotel Guadalmina that we can find some apartment complexes and Mediterranean village style houses.

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But today we are going to focus on this exclusive residence situated in a cul-de-sac in Guadalmina Baja which gives access to some 10 large properties.

We enter through this imposing wooden gate and upon entering we discover this fantastic courtyard reception area. On the day of our visit we did not drive in, but by opening the two fantastic gates at the main entrance we could drive in, as there is plenty of space inside to drive in and park several vehicles. Either way, there is always the option to store up to two vehicles in the covered garage.

Mansion Guadalmina baja Marbella

One of the things I personally like most about this property is its privacy, its gardens and the water, which is always present. The large gardens can be accessed from both sides of the house.

On the east side of the house there is a porch which, due to its east orientation (sunny in the mornings) and proximity to the dining room and kitchen, will be very practical and pleasant to use throughout the day and especially in the mornings.

Continuing along the side, we gradually discover the pool area. I am struck by how the pool is literally attached to the living room, creating a unique atmosphere from the inside, but at the same time serving the entire leisure area and allowing a use that will delight guests both in the solarium area and in the outdoor summer porch.

A whole set of comforts that will allow family and friends to enjoy the summer in total privacy.

The rest of the garden stands out for its spaciousness, majesty and abundance of water, which is a constant presence in this property and creates a really pleasant atmosphere from any place and room in the house, but, before we continue discovering corners of the garden, let’s move on to the interior.

The main entrance welcomes us with a beautiful staircase that gives access to several bedrooms located on the first floor, including the master bedroom (which we will see later).

The living room is spacious, situated on the edge of the swimming pool and close to the kitchen, as well as the dining room and the east-facing patio mentioned at the beginning of the visit.

In the west wing of the ground floor we find the guest area, with a private guest lounge and three en-suite bedrooms plus an office.

Upstairs we discover the spacious guest suite with lounge, fireplace and of course, an impressive bathroom which undoubtedly reflects the character and luxury of this property.

Let us not forget that, on the first floor, in addition to the impressive suite we have just seen, we also have this second guest suite with private terrace.

Arabic villa Guadalmina Baja

The heated indoor swimming pool, located in a separate building from the rest of the house, is very spacious and is large enough to swim comfortably.

We also have a beautiful TV-cinema room, as well as a whole separate part for the service.

Luxury Villa Guadalmina Baja

The truth is that in spite of being a property of 1.200 m2 built, it is very cosy as we will find a multitude of corners where we can enjoy the different moments of the day.

The distribution is logical and practical, ideal for a large family and their guests, and full of different independent, cosy and very luminous atmospheres.

Undoubtedly, in its style, a property in Guadalmina Baja that makes the difference, with character and a lot of charm. For any further information, the Benarroch Real Estate in Marbella team knows the property perfectly well and will be delighted to show you this magnificent villa.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

20 Feb 2021
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