Sell your house in Marbella, things to consider

03 Nov 2018 | Buying and Selling FAQ, Company and Services

Go ahead, cheer up, take the step, sell your house in Marbella… no doubt these are words that we are easily told, but it is not an easy decision and generally it is time to think about it. Many variables have an influence, some depend on us and others do not. My intention with this post is none other than to give you some advice and analyze in general terms the factors to consider before deciding to sell your house in Marbella.

Sell your house in Marbella, things to consider

Purchase price and selling expenses of your house in Marbella

How, when, how much… will affect in part the decision to sell your home in Marbella, and it all starts when you bought that property you now want to sell.

It is important to be clear how much the house cost us, the purchase price, including taxes. Taxation and taxes will affect you differently depending on whether it is your primary residence or a secondary residence.

Also when we sell a home the selling costs vary depending on whether we are residents or not, each case is different.

The sale price of your property in Marbella

The sale Price of your property in Marbella is set by the properties against which we are competing, homes of similar characteristics by location and meters. And although each house is different, we should not believe that our house is better for the simple fact that it is ours, but rather be objective and understand that the buyer will choose the home with the best value for money and that, therefore, we should be consistent with this and value our home in terms of competition.

It is common to find owners who want to sell their property for what remains of mortgage debt with the bank. The problem comes when this debt is higher than the market price, in which case it is better to withdraw the home from the market or negotiate a takeover with the entity, something that lately the banks are not accepting with the facility of years ago.

Difference between the selling price and the actual selling price of an apartment in Marbella

The selling price that is asked for a property and the price for which it is finally sold or the actual selling price, do not have to coincide when you sell your apartment in Marbella.

It should be borne in mind that, as a general rule, offers made by buyers range from 8 to 12 % below the starting price, provided that the property for sale is at market price.

The property in Marbella must not be rented

If the property you want to sell in Marbella is a holiday home or an investment property, you must be free and without tenants from the moment it comes into the market.

In this way, we will have a property that is clean, tidy and ready to sell at any time. Otherwise, we would find ourselves in a complicated situation, which could lead us to cancel the sale.

Sell the property unfurnished in Marbella

Even if the house is completely furnished, we should never include the furniture in the sale price. In the case of wanting to sell them, they can be offered as optional, but without quantifying them initially, unless the buyer requests it and once the sale of the property is closed.

Municipal tax debts in Marbella

Verify the existence of debts for Marbella municipal taxes on IBI and garbage taxes. It is common for a receipt to be left unpaid or returned for various reasons.

We can easily request a debt certificate from the Patronato in which will appear all outstanding debts of both the real estate tax and the rubbish tax.

Debts with the community of our house in Marbella

The community of any urbanization in Marbella will provide us with a zero debt certificate as long as we are up to date with the payments of the community fees. If this is not the case, there is the possibility of regularising the debts with the community of our property in Marbella by discounting the outstanding debt from the amount of the sale of the property in the notary’s office.

Registration of the cancellation of the mortgage in the land registry of Marbella

A common mistake of many buyers when putting their home for sale in Marbella is to think that for having paid the last instalment of the mortgage, the property is free of charges.

If we want to sell the property it will be obligatory to communicate to the Land Registry of Marbella that the mortgage is paid and cancelled. To do this we will need a zero debt certificate from the bank and go to a notary’s office to sign the cancellation with the bank. Afterwards, the cancellation will have to be recorded in the register so that it appears in the title deed.

Adjudication by Inheritance

If you have inherited a property in Marbella, the acceptance of the property must be resolved and it must be registered in the Marbella property register in order to proceed with the sale of the property.

License of first occupation of our property in Marbella

This is a document that is requested to the municipality of Marbella once the work is finished.

Obtaining the first occupation licence for a property in Marbella is the obligation of the developer, who must provide it to the first transfer buyer.

It consists of a final inspection of the council to the housing or houses built to verify that they have been made according to the project initially submitted by the promoter to the council and that the housing meets all the requirements to be lived.

From always, the license of first occupation, has been a document of extreme importance since it allows to request the discharge of the light and the water. In addition, nowadays it is an essential condition to obtain the registration number of the Andalusian Regional Government and to be able to rent the property for holiday periods.

When the land register in Marbella tells us: “Under construction”

Occasionally we may find the notation “under construction” on the property titles of homes in Marbella, even though we know and see that our home is built and finished for years.

This situation occurs because in his day, the promoter did not make the procedure for submission of final work to the municipality or the land registry of Marbella.

In this case we will have to locate an architect who will deal with us a posteriori this end of work.

If our house is an apartment located in a block where there are more houses, it can be carried out individually or jointly.

However, this is not an impediment to the sale a house in Marbella but it can be a problem if the buyer does not accept it as it is a procedure that requires time.

As you will see there are many points to consider when selling a home in Marbella, so we advise you to go to a professional.

In Benarroch Real Estate we are at your entire disposal to resolve these and other doubts and help you throughout the process of selling your property once you make the decision to sell your home in Marbella.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

03 Nov 2018
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