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22 May 2018 | Areas Guide

What was the little village of Marbella has undergone spectacular evolution since the 1950s, as a result of the transformation started by Ricardo Soriano, Marquis of Ivanrey. This growth is reflected in the layout of the town centre. Thanks to this evolution, those who buy a house in Marbella Center today, will be making a wise investment.

At present, Marbella Center refers to the area from the eastern access point, home to the famous arch that carries the town’s name, up to the end of Avenida Ricardo Soriano, at the renowned El Pirulí monument. From south to north, it goes from the promenade, up to Xarblanca and La Cañada shopping centre.

Properties in Marbella Center

Throughout the area known as the Paseo Marítimo (the promenade), the existing buildings are frontline apartment and penthouse complexes, like Edificio Mediterráneo, to the east, which enjoys sea views and numerous restaurants, cafés, chiringuito beach bars and shops. These line the promenade, which runs from La Fontanilla beach up to La Bajadilla beach, with the marina at its center, home to the pubs that provide the setting for local nightlife.

The western section of the promenade, after Plaza del Mar shopping centre, has seen the most renovation, with apartment complexes like Gran Marbella, a building with attractive style and quality on the outside, and inside its apartments as well.

Marbella town center is Avenida Ricardo Soriano, which is the main hub for the town’s shops and services. In this area, you’ll find buildings that house apartments, penthouses and studios, in addition to business premises, offices and parking spaces, on the avenue itself and in the adjoining streets.

Marbella’s old town, which surrounds the town hall and Plaza de los Naranjos, offers Andalusian-style houses, which create a labyrinth of pretty little streets, peppered with shops, restaurants and cafés. Here, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll, to soak up the atmosphere, visit the Engraving Museum and the Bonsai Museum, and enjoy some tapas in one of many traditional bars.

More Properties in Marbella Center

Avenida General López Domínguez, to the east of the old town, is one of the main arteries in Marbella. There, you’ll find residential buildings that create Marbella’s familiar urban structure, with every type of service, including one of the town’s leisure centers, complete with football pitch and swimming pool.

Running north-east of the old town is Avenida Huerta Belón, an area where medium-sized villas proliferate, in a quiet, residential setting.

Marbella town has also grown northwards, with areas like El Mirador, San Miguel and Xarblanca, which are characterised by townhouse complexes and medium-sized villas. Bearing witness to all this is the iconic Hotel Don Miguel, which is currently being renovated for reopening.

Besides all the services available in Marbella, including shops, restaurants, accommodation, professional services and much more, it has one of the best shopping malls in Spain, La Cañada, with more than 200 shops of all types, restaurants, cafés, a supermarket and a cinema. Just north of the shopping mall is one of the town’s up-and-coming areas, with townhouse complexes and apartment buildings, like Mirador de La Cañada. The offering here is soon to be expanded, through projects like Cañada Homes, apartments and penthouses with contemporary modern design.

The Benarroch Real Estate team will give you indispensable information and guidance on the properties for sale in Marbella Center, so you can make the best decision to suit your preferences. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

22 May 2018
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