First visit to Emare in Estepona, New Golden Mile

14 Jul 2020 | Developments Guide

Emare Estepona “sea dreamers” is without doubt one of the most spectacular contemporary style resorts on the coast. A concept worthy of the 21st century and in which no detail has been spared. In this article I am going to describe the sensations when you visit for the first time Emare, located on the beachfront of Estepona’s New Golden Mile.

First visit to Emare in Estepona, New Golden Mile

Emare “Sea Dreamers” is a project built by the prestigious developer Erasur and which we had the pleasure of starting to market off-plan last December 2017. At that time it was a project still under construction. Today it is a totally finished reality. 25 of its 28 very large luxury apartments are sold to owners who are already enjoying them.

As soon as we stop the car in front of Emare’s entrance door, we start to feel that we are in front of an out of the ordinary urbanization. The exteriors are very well cared for, with a lot of vegetation that prevents us from seeing what is going on inside. Only at the entrance door, we see the block No. 2 that gives more the feeling of being a single-family home than a “block of apartments”, if you can call it that.

When the automatic sliding door opens, we access an outside private parking lot with a beautiful fountain and at that moment we realize that perfection and detail are taken care of from the beginning.

Although the normal thing would be to start talking about the wide gardens and its fantastic luxury apartments, we will begin with what in principle is supposed to be the “ugliest”, the garages, and nothing is further from the truth.

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Entering Emare’s garage will be the closest thing to entering the corner of a spaceship worthy of any Hollywood movie. Bright floors, high ceilings, indirect LED lights, luxury cars covered by covers that insinuate their charms … no doubt a garage out of the ordinary.

Living room Emare Estepona

And of course, the access through the garage to the house could not fail to be at least, luxury and so it is. The opening of this access door is done with a fingerprint and as soon as we enter we have the sensation of entering the house, but it is not like that… it is the “storage room”, made with the same qualities as the rest of the house. Natural light, high ceilings and an elevator that takes us directly, this time, to our apartment, either on a ground floor, first, second or penthouse.

Its 28 private lifts and 6 communal lifts for 28 homes give us an idea of the level of luxury of this development.

Of course, guests will be able to enter through the portal, which has a separate elevator that reaches the main door of our apartment, as well as the staircase. Needless to say, the entrance is simply sublime. Luminous, modern and minimalist, it is presided over by a magnificent staircase and a large hanging lamp.

Once we enter the apartment the sensations continue invading the visitor. Whether we are on the ground floor or on the upper floors, the sensation of spaciousness and open views is total.

Of course, home automation is present in every corner, providing us with luxuries such as the fact that music will follow us wherever we are, whether in the kitchen, the terrace or the bathroom.

Terrace Emare Estepona

On the terrace, we are struck by the contrast between the large green prairie garden and the blue of the swimming pool and the Mediterranean Sea with Morocco and Gibraltar in the background. Without a doubt a real wonder.

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Brightness, spaciousness, quality, front sea views are some of the ingredients that make living in Emare a delight for the senses.

Of course it is worth feeling the visit to this complex and for that nothing better than doing it with Benarroch Real Estate and its team that knows perfectly the details of Emare and will always be at the height of their demanding buyers.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

14 Jul 2020
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