The rental market in Marbella is reactivated

04 Jun 2014 | News and Updates

From Benarroch Inmobiliaria and through our new rental service and peace of mind specialising in the rental market in Marbella and focused on the owners, we can say that rental in Marbella is reactivated.

The rental market in Marbella is reactivated

The current economic situation of crisis has caused the limitation of credit by banks and an excess of homes for sale in the market. Because of this, the client looking for a home to live in, prefers to rent, with the consequent growth of this sector of the real estate market.

Owners of homes with properties for sale are also focusing on renting them, because they can not sell them.

Parameters such as the low price of rents, the preference of owners and the general population for rent, the large number of empty and non-rented housing, make the sector begin its growth.

Benarroch real estate notes that the lack of legal and economic security is a negative factor for rental and that the measures approved by the Government in the Plan de Vivienda are insufficient.

Definitely, the rental market is a changing market, which Benarroch real estate tries to adapt to offer a complete specialized service to the owner through Peace of Mind, providing these operations with greater security and obtain better returns and therefore, better results.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

04 Jun 2014
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