I want to sell my house in Marbella

22 Aug 2016 | Buying and Selling FAQ, Company and Services

If you’ve decided to sell your property in Marbella, regardless of the reasons behind this decision, it’s essential to keep perspective on the real market situation. At Benarroch Real Estate, we recommend following a logical process that will bring you closer to achieving your objective.

I want to sell my house in Marbella

The internal assessment that owners’ generally make is a combination of feelings of their heart, their financial capacity and reality, whereas focus needs to be on the last ingredient: the reality of the market where the property is located, in this case Marbella. This is what ultimately determines the price.

Failure to adapt the price, failure to be flexible and to negotiate or waiting until the paragon appears and above all, failing to seek professional advice are the symptoms of having put our property on the market, but with a clear objective of not selling it.

It is not easy to be objective in our assessment if we are not properly informed and do not have an in-depth knowledge of variables such as, location, neighbourhood, demand, trends, legal amendments, etc.

Knowing about and making the most of the channels available to offer your property is also key if you want to sell. You need to optimise the marketing, offer your property at the right moment, in the right place and with all the relevant information to reach potential clients in the most effective manner possible.

A proper preparation of the property is very important, to get the best results. This involves investing in small but significant repairs to make your property look superb. Seek advice from a professional and you will see the difference between selling and putting it on the market, either in Marbella or anywhere in Spain.

At Benarroch Inmobiliaria, we offer you all our knowledge about the market we have harvested from our day to day experience, which will enable you to establish a real competitive price for your property on sound basis. We will also keep you informed of every step of the marketing, negotiation, sale and after sale process.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

22 Aug 2016
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