We help owners to rent their property in Marbella

14 Aug 2014 | Company and Services

In Benarroch Real Estate, through our specialized long term rental service, called peace of mind rentals, we help owners to rent their property for a long period of time in Marbella, taking care, among other things, of claiming the payment of the rent from the tenant and managing the monthly payment.

We help owners to rent their property in Marbella

Thanks to the meticulous follow-up work carried out by our long term rentals department, we are able to keep your income under control and up to date. This also allows us to deal with a possible delay in the payment of the monthly instalments. In these cases our mediation work is very effective and in most cases we solve the problem.

Trust us, delegate the rental of your property to professionals, you will benefit from it.

Rent and Tranquility, a service specialized in the rental of properties created by Benarroch real estate and aimed at owners.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

14 Aug 2014
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