What is an Open House in Marbella?

20 Feb 2018 | Buying and Selling FAQ

Open house means a real-estate marketing strategy where a property for sale is opened up for a day, so it can be shown to potential buyers. Open houses in Marbella are about showing the property to the network of agents that collaborate with the agency responsible for selling it. Discovering, viewing and getting a feel for the product and its surrounding area is fundamental for the collaborating agent to be able to offer it to the right buyer, which will increase the chances of getting a sale.

What Is an Open House in Marbella?

Open house events first arose in the USA, organised by real estate agents to let potential buyers get to know a property first hand, by visiting it. The Spanish version of this event is slightly different to what happens in the US.

Trying to import ideas from another country and market, where there is a different mentality and lots of other differences, doesn’t normally work unless the idea is adapted to the idiosyncrasies of the place where it’s being put into practice.

Organising an open-house day for a property, to showcase its charms, is not only about opening it up, but also performing a series of actions designed to stop the activity being a waste of time, since time is money.

It’s easy to assume that if you invite potential buyers to an open house, one of them will buy it. This could not be further from reality in Europe. Europeans don’t work that way. Harsh, but true.

An open house in Marbella, a cosmopolitan city where these events take place, is designed to get a property on the circuit. That means, putting or keeping it on the market. The open house should get people talking about the property and make sure it springs to mind at the right moment. These events are always organised by professional real-estate agents, since they’re the ones who move in the right circles to make the sale.

Getting the property ready—which involves staging it to make it as attractive as possible and highlight its best features and amenities—is essential to ensure it makes a lasting impression on the visitors.

It helps if you select the guests carefully, primarily to protect the property’s status in its positioning on the market and, obviously, to achieve the objective of selling it. In this case, like many others, quality is better than quantity.

As a final tip, when you set the date for your open house, don’t choose a rainy or dull day. Strive to avoid this and even delay the event if you should be unlucky with the weather.

Since the open house is for real-estate professionals, it should be staffed by trained, informed real-estate professionals.

To sum up, an open house in Marbella is an event for the real-estate sector, so for estate agents. Its purpose is to find the right buyer for the property being shown, which is, of course, the reason why estate agents exist.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

20 Feb 2018
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