Report of visits, how to sell my house in Marbella

19 Aug 2014 | Buying and Selling FAQ

How to sell your property in Marbella is something we at Benarroch Real Estate are very concerned about. After years of experience we know that one of the points that gives a lot of information to the owners is the report of visits.

Report of visits, how to sell my house in Marbella

To sell a house in Marbella as well as anywhere else in the world, it is necessary to generate quality visits. The latter is a factor that will depend on the marketing agency.

When a buyer customer requests a visit to a property that we are marketing it is very important to communicate this information to the seller. To this end, an e-mail is sent before and after the visit in which the customer’s details are announced and the impressions of the potential buyer are explained.

After several visits, both the seller and the agency will share enough information to be able to assess whether the property is to their liking or whether a change in the sales strategy is necessary.

If the visits do not arrive, it will be a clear indicator that our property is above its market price.

In one way or another, the visits are the previous step to the sale and although it seems obvious they are essential to complete the sale of a property in Marbella.

At Benarroch Real Estate we will keep you informed at all times, both by email and by telephone of each and every visit carried out to sell your home in Marbella.

Brice Benarroch Mennessons

Article by Brice Benarroch Mennessons

19 Aug 2014
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