Real estate project management in Marbella

The primary mission of the project management system

The main aim of our Project Management system is to make every project as profitable for homeowners and investors as possible, both economically and financially, while also meeting with strict criteria of quality, cost- and time management from the conception of the idea until the work is started and delivered.

To do so, we optimise resources, reducing costs and providing each client with the most profitable and innovative solutions best adapted to their needs.

Our main objetive

At Benarroch Marbella Real Estate, making sure that a construction project is completed on time and remains within the agreed budget, with no last-minute surprises, and with the quality promised from the outset, is our main objetive, regardless of our degree of participation in the project.

Our highly specialised services allow us to coordinate the different teams taking part in each phase of the development of the project (planning, administrative management, design and licences) – as well as the management of the construction, process to rigorous standards. In this we focus on saving on expenses on behalf of our clients and reducing any possible delays and risks associated with building projects.

“Our key principle is based on a thorough preliminary study during which we carefully analyse the viability of the project”

Stages of the project management services

Conceptual Phase

The core concepts of the project are outlined together with the client through a draft and a preliminary study of the costs. The resulting feasibility study indicates whether the project meets the minimum profitability requirements of the client.

Definition phase

Our design team will draft the architectural and engineering blueprints in compliance with the clients’ brief and in compliance with relevant legislation. The licences and building permits needed for construction to commence are also processed at this time.

Hiring and execution phase

The relevant production teams are sourced on the basis of optimal quality and value, based on previous experience and personal references but updated with competitive current proposals. We put out the tender specifications and study the different offers, selecting the most appropriate contractors. Once work has started, we maintain rigorous control of the project in accordance with quality, timing and cost requirements.

Delivery phase

Upon final inspection and receipt of the required certificates we deliver the full set of documentation for the new project.

Latest development in Marbella, Casa Blanca

Construction of a detached modern Mediterranean style home with a total built area of 275 m 2 on a plot of 1245 m 2 in Capanes Sur, Benahavís.

Video monitoring construction, timelapse